So much for trying…

Mark Warner is out for 2008. This makes me a bit sad, since he was my ‘default’ candidate for the Democratic Primary in 2008.

So, who looks interesting to YOU now?


8 Comments on “So much for trying…”

  1. psycholarry says:

    I’m for a Galactus/Thanos ticket in 2008

  2. Please a Red Skull/Baron Zemo ticket would be much more interesting! I mean Red Skull has already served in the Nazi government and as Sec. of Defense, so he has the political experince!

  3. psycholarry says:

    Oh come on! We both know that what the people want is a “Exterminate all life” policy, not some namby-pamby, flip-flopping “Destroy all Jews” platform.

  4. Please, Galactus and Thanos don’t have the political skill to get anything done! Even total destruction of all life!

  5. psycholarry says:

    Thanos and the infinity gauntlet definitely give the ticket far more political clout than Red Skulls cut and run Cosmic Cube. And you can’t forget about the Line Item Veto Power Cosmic.

  6. please. the cosmic cube is so much better than the infinity gaunlet. i mean, they exploded parts of philly to make it work this last time it appeared.

  7. psycholarry says:

    Did you see Baron Zemo on Lou Dobbs? He definitely said he empathizes with the Falcon! You can’t elect officials that show any sympathy for heroes. It’s unamerican!

  8. True, true, true!

    I wonder if Thanos would fry Shepherd Smith durning an interview. I know Darkseid would.

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