The face of true evil!!

As long time Blurred Productions readers will no doubt know that there exists on this once pristine planet of ours the face of true evil. This “man” (perhaps he is more of a demon?) makes Saddam Hussein look like Alfred the Great. The depths to which this creature (perhaps he is more of an non-corporeal embodiment of human sinfulness?) will go to further his horrid schemes knows no bounds.

Who is this terror you ask. It is no other than this twisted soul:
It is Mulligan. Do not let his pretty boy smile and “thumbs up” fool you. He is Mulligan, Destroyer of Worlds, Terror of Children’s Tales, and Fancier of Alligators.

“What can can *I* do to help stop him?” you may ask as you quiver at his horrid visage.  You can aid the fight against him by going here and telling him just how much you loath him, just how much he makes your skin crawl. The world whats to know the REASONS YOU HATE MULLIGAN.


4 Comments on “The face of true evil!!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    I hate mulligan because he thinks the others are the good guys

  2. PL, you should post the reasons you hate mulligan on the ‘reasons you hate mulligan’ page

  3. […] leave a comment » Today is October 11th. Hence we have been hating on a man – some call him “Mulligan”, others “schmuck” – for over two years. […]

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