Lesser Superheroes!

My webcomic is finally up! Accuse me of abusing this sacred blogspace for advertising if you must, but this is huge news. After countless writes and rewrites (Seriously, the first few pages I drew years ago) , it’s finally up to be viewed by the general public.


Go visit the site and explore around a bit. The current comic on the home page is just a little intro, but go click on the Archive button to the left for the first two stories. We’re going to sit on the first few stories for about two weeks, and then start regular updates (MWF probably).

Tell your friends! Tell their friends!


3 Comments on “Lesser Superheroes!”

  1. Good work Tito! It’s quite funny. I’ve add you to the blogroll under “friends” and “webcomics”. By the way, the “comic” link on your site is broken.

  2. psycholarry says:

    Fourth wall has been destroyed! That was a load bearing wall!

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