I don’t want to be crazy again (Comics Reviews: 10/4)

Tiny week this time out. Let’s get onto it!

52 #22 – And we’re back to plots that I really don’t care that much about. Super-Chief, Luthor, and Steel just aren’t all that interesting to me. There seemed to be a lot of water treading on the two of the main plots in this issue (Steel & Luthor) and Super-Chief got a pretty by-the-books anti-hero intro. What did interest me this time out was the Dr. Magnus plot. Though the wink-wink-nudge-nudge-cross-over Sentinel trying to waste him was a bit much for my tastes. Yet thoselast few Magnus pages really saved this issue for me. We’re back to Black Adam next week. Ugh. RATING: GOOD

Detective Comics #824 – I get the feeling that I SHOULD have enjoyed this issue much more than I actually did. It’s got Zatanna, Lois Lane, the Riddler, and a death trap… but there’s just something off about the whole thing. Dini’s script just doesn’t click. The narrative doesen’t work. Hmm. It’s not a bad issue but I just really can’t say it’s very good. Maybe Dini will pull it all together next issue. RATING: GOOD

Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 – Now this was the best book of the week. Fantastic art, Martin’s style just really works for a character like Dr. Strange. Vaughan’s script is great, filled with enjoyable takes on the good Doctor and his assistant Wong. This books has the right mix of humor, fun, action, and drama that makes a good superhero comic. Can’t wait for issue number 2. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Beyond! #4 – Ahhh… it was the Space Phantom. How could I forget? Great fight this issue with a nice little twist at the end. This book continues to be highly enjoyable. Hopefully McDuffie can save the Fantastic Four when he takes over next year. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Criminal #1 – I can’t say too much about this issue since I really think a better impression will able to be made a few issues down the line. At this point all I can say about this book is that it’s a solid noir story with a great art. I look forward to seeing where Brubaker takes it. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Nightwing #125 – Well this is a complete 180 from the Bruce Jones run. Wolfman made the right move in just pretty much ignoring everything Jones did. Jurgens and Rapmund’s art is solid and tells Wolfman’s caption heavy story well. It’s nice to see some levity in this book. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is far from a great comic. It’s very much a “Marv Wolfman” book with all that comes with it; lots and lots of ‘thought captions’ (you thought Bendis was bad!), silted dialogue, and forced plots. Again, that’s not say Wolfman is a bad writer… he’s just… well… he’s Marv Wolfman. To Marv the craft of writing a comic book hasn’t changed much since 1989. I don’t mind it so much… but your mileage may vary. But in my book, Wolfman gets a lot of credit from me for not being Bruce Jones. But we’ll see where this goes. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Fantastic Four #540 – *sigh* Sue spend much of this issue just yelling at Reed and comes within millimeters of calling him an outright Nazi…  and what does Reed do? Very little. I’ll give JMS credit, he gives Reed a lot more pathos and sorrow than Millar does but it still rings false. Sue goes on and on about how what Reed is doing, in the name of supposedly protecting her, is horrible and Reed just doesn’t get it. If memory serves (and it might just me trying to force my ‘Platonic ideal’ of the FF on this book) usually when Reed goes way of the tracks and into numbers land; a good lecture from Sue snaps him out of it. JMS and Millar just don’t make clear what so fucking fantastic about Superhero Registration that would break this pattern. Plus McKone’s art was just ugly this issue. Was he horribly rushed despite the delay? RATING: UTTER SHIT

That’s it for this week. What did you enjoy this week?


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