Taking back that word!

Quite funny piece on the George Allen is a racist angle of the VA senate race in the New Republic by Jonathan Chait. I’m not a big new New Republic reader, I feel much of their stuff is too right wing for my tastes (re: Iraq war) but Chait is one of the best liberal writers out there.

One of the best portions:

As for “macaca,” Allen later explained with obvious sincerity that it was simply a made-up word. Alas, this made-up word also happens to be a slur against dark-skinned people, one common among French Tunisians, and it also happens that Allen’s mother is French Tunisian, and that Allen speaks French.

What bad luck. My friend once decided to welcome a new family to the neighborhood. He knew they were Christian, so he decided to surprise them with a cross. Except he knew they couldn’t see it at night, so he decided to set it ablaze. Well, that family was black, and it turns out that burning crosses have a certain negative connotation with some black families. So you can just imagine his embarrassment over the whole misunderstanding. I’m sure most of us have had something like this happen.

Heh. Hopefully Allen will lose, eh?


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