Why The Trials of Shazam (#2) is a bad comic…

Last issue was one of the most horrible comic I have read this year. This issue is better, but very far from being of all sort of quality

Now here’s some BULLET POINT THOUGHTS on this issue. (Trying a new format…)

  • I’m glad that Billy traded up from being Captain Marvel to Lord of the Silted Exposition.
  • Poor Mary Marvel, she loses her powers, goes into a coma, and her brother just doesn’t seem to give a shit. A pretty big waste of a character who I’ve always enjoyed, mostly because of her appearance in ‘I Can’t Believe Its Not the Justice League’.
  • It seems that my co-worker Tom’s theory that “Winick is pretty much trying to write the whole Shazam is actually a kid angle out of the book” has proven true.
  • I wonder how that girl managed to put her shirt on while still talking to Freddie on the phone?
  • I for one am sick of female characters almost always being in some state of undress during “expositional phone call” sequences. Comics already have enough T&A for a lifetime, we don’t need excuses for more.
  • Howard Porter’s art took a turn for the worse this issue. The only thing I liked about the last issue was Porter trying out a new style. This month it just doesn’t work. Much of the art is just plain ugly. Figures and faces are completely off on some panels. A lot of characters look vaguely catish.
  • There’s more of my pet peeve this month: pointless magic “power levels”.

Tsk. At least the annoying narration is mostly gone this issue. RATING: UTTER SHIT


One Comment on “Why The Trials of Shazam (#2) is a bad comic…”

  1. Hear hear.

    As a longtime Cap fan, I keep flipping through the book hoping I’ll find something to like.

    But no. It just looks like Winick is trying to put his own stamp on a Golden Age classic by draining all the joy out.

    Better to just let the Golden Age Cap just live on, unsullied, in our memories.

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