Ya never seen an archbishop regenerate himself from his own blood before? (Comics Reviews: 9/20)

Civil War is back, so it seems that Marvel is back to publishing comics again.

Well, on to it then.


52 #20 – I’m going to say this now so that when 52 is all over it’ll be on the record and I’ll win the prize money: Supernova is Bruce Wayne. There I said it, it’s spoiled for you all now. – Oddly enough it’s two weeks in a row that I’ve enjoyed this book. I like that the space plot has finally been pushed to center stage (at least for awhile; I’m sure torturing Elongated Man will return soon enough). Plus maybe, just maybe, the Steel plot might actually be going somewhere. Maybe. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Astonishing X-Men #17- This book continues to be outsanding. I’d completely forgotten that’s what Morrison had done with Nova after his “Imperial” arc. I guess I should read my New X-Men hardcovers more often! Anyway, a lot happens this issue. The team starts to get back on it’s feat, the REAL traitor to the team is revealed and there’s one hell of final splash page. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Superman #656 – This book continues to move at a good pace, while providing solid action and characterization. Any book with an arrogant 17th century Altantian wizard is a-okay in my book. RATING: FANTASTIC

Hellblazer #224 – This is simply an outstanding issue. Mina just nails Constantine’s character and voice, her whole run has been filled with great characterization but this issue is just fantastic. Plus the traditional supporting cast is back. Manco’s art is solid this issue, though I did have trouble telling Angie and Gemma apart at the ending. Still, great issue. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Runaways #20 – Solid issue from Vaughan and guest artist Norton. Nothing too spectacular this outing but still a very good comic. Chase’s arc over the last few issues has been just fantastic, can’t wait to see where Vaughan is taking the characters in his last issues. RATING: FANTASTIC

Knights of the Old Republic #8 – This book continues to be strangely like a Bioware video game, yet in comic book form. The characters all fit the “Bioware” arc type, and are generally being introduced at the same rate. Hmm. Miller must have, like me, played a lot of their games. Luckily I enjoy the hell out of Bioware games… so this isn’t a problem. RATING: GOOD

Ultimate Fantastic Four #34 – Solid issue of modern style Kirby/Lee goodness. I hope Carey and Ferry (heh) can keep this up. RATING: FANTASTIC


Blade #1 – I think it’s official, I really hate Howard Chaykin’s art. His figures just look of to me and everything is just muddy and just plain horrible. Marc Guggenheim’s story isn’t much better, since he tries just too hard to make Blade a “bad-ass”. Plus in a flashback (to the 50s? 30s? Earlier? It’s very unclear) Blade uses the term “wicked”. LAME. RATING: SHIT

X-Factor #11 – I think this book is starting to lose me. David has a lot of plates spinning in the air, hopefully he can keep them up there. I did like the final page, a lot. A whole lot. RATING: GOOD

Birds of Prey #98 – This issue was saddled with some just terrible fill-in art. Utterly horrible, horrible art. The story was solid as usual, but was overcome by the art. RATING: BAD

Iron Man #12 – Any issue which ends with “…and the last time I check guns required registration” is absolutely guaranteed to suck. Though they do get bonus points for using the Hulk-Buster armor. RATING: SHIT

Flash #4 – The bad art is back. There is nothing redeemable about this book. Ugh. A waste. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Catwoman #59 – Tsk. I was hoping the baby’s daddy would be more interesting. But what can you do? RATING: MEH

That’s all for this week (Civil War is going to get it’s own entry).

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