Sammy’s back

Childrens of all ages, I am happy to post tonight (though briefly) that I am back on Blurred Productions, and happy to be here. This new format is a dark and scary place but I’m sure I’ll love it tres soon. Ok, so, just wanted to say hey, and to let you all know that I will be submitting fiction that you won’t read, but I’m also branching out and there will be a lot of reviews and editorials. Tomorrow at some point I will delve into LOST, the greatest show ever, which will be back on soon. I am currently frantically watching the second season on DVD because my chick has not seen it, and I’m trying desparately to catch her up before season 3 starts. But I digress, we will discuss LOST at moderate length tomorrow. Until then, have a pleasant evening and be excellent to each other.

Taffy out.


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