Baltimore Comic-Con Review

Seeing as how I’m finally having time to review Comic-con…

I suppose it began on Friday the 8th of September where several members of the staff stayed in Frederick, MD. What can be described as the most awesome night by some, can only be described as the most boring night for others. One WaWa trip later and we were in sunny Baltimore, only to be thrown in the back of the line.

Once the convention opened I ran to every creator I could trying to get sketches and signings. It was a good crowd this year and the talent was great. Dan Didio even signed an issue of Superboy….

In anycase, as far as commission pieces went, Tony Harris and JG Jones did not get to my requests during the 2 day fiasco that is Comic-Con, but Buzz did!!! He is sending me my Dr. Mid-Nite piece soon….it’s soooo soooo awesome.

I was very pleased with the outcome of this convention, plus all the nice sketches from everyone, especially Jimmy Palmiotti and Andy Runton. Owly as Catwoman…very cute. I was also pleased with the fact I didn’t spend an awful lot of money. I did however buy a Fist of Justice shirt, which I’m wearing right now!

The hotel left much to be desired, the verdict is still out on the period blood on the bed I believe. The weekend was full of Justice and PsychoLarry’s gay dreams about other members of the staff.

Let’s hope the fun continues for Wizard World Philly. Which I’m trying to get us press credentials for.

Baltimore Comic-Con: 9/10 stars.


One Comment on “Baltimore Comic-Con Review”

  1. ’tis was an awesome weekend.

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