On the ‘Fist of Justice’

First off let me start off by saying how much I’m enjoying this read more and more. I had a chance to go and buy some of the earlier issues that I didn’t even consider touching before. The more I read, the more I like. This book is fun. Plain and simple. Imboden (the writer) gets it. In many respects Fist of Justice represents what Morrison is trying to do with All-Star Superman. FUN. We as comic book fans sometimes get away from concept and often forget what a comic book in my opinion should always be and that is fun. Morrison is very difficult to understand sometimes, the scope of his vision, the plot, the dynamics, the characters…everything can just be so complicated that you often forget why you are reading it in the first place. Imboden I feel wants fun seething out of the book and wants the reader just to come out of that book feeling the same. This book has what I consider all the fun of the silver and bronze age of comics, but none of the crap. I had the pleasure of getting a Fist of Justice T-Shirt at Comic-Con and am excited for more issues.

Well done Mike. Keep it up.


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