Follow the fish (Comic Reviews: 9/13)

Another small ship week. I fear how crazy the number of books will be at the end of the monthy.

Let’s do this.


52 #19 – Pope Lobo? This is more like it. After last week’s misstep 52 is back on track. I seem to be pingi ponging back and forth on this book depending on which characters are getting the limelight. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been reading so damn much about early Christian history but I found Lobo’s St. Paul like conversion hilarious. The new twist with the whole Booster Gold storyline was pretty cool and I absolutely loved the art on the Animal Man origin backup. Hopefully John/Rucka/Morrison/Waid can entertain me this much next week. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Captain America #21- This is a near perfect comic book. I can barely find words to describe out much I enjoyed this issue. It makes me very sad to think that starting next issue this book is swept up in the Civil War disaster. Ugh. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ex Machina #23 – It’s nice to see this book finally be picking up the pace again. The dots are really starting to connect as the “Smoke” story arc continues on. I really like the new style Harris has been experimenting with over the last few issues. Hopefully the dream sequence in this issue will pay off down the lie because otherwise it was just a waste of page space. RATING: FANTASTICPhonogram #2 – Just like a good Hellblazer story this “music is magic” book is 75% attitude. Hopefully, like a good Hellblazer story, it’ll actually mean something in the end. Otherwise this book will be a near total waste. I’m still not getting 90% of the references in this book but am willing to keep following along. McKelvie’s art is a bit stiff but still very good. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Fables #53 – Willingham seems to be using this arc to set up the next few years of stories. Due to that it’s not a speculator issue but none the less it’s still a good read. Buckingham’s art is page by page some of the best work in the industry. I really loved the Joshua Middleton drawn back up, it was amusing as hell. RATING: FANTASTIC

Ultimate X-Men #74 – The “Magical” story arc ends on kind of an “eh” note. Nothing bad about this outing from Kirkman and Raney, it’s just a standard old X-Men action that they provide month in and month out. It’s just that is issue left me a bit colder than usual. Maybe it’s because we get Ultimate Cable next month, which I am not looking forward to. RATING: GOOD


Annihilation #2 – I kind of found Drax’s smack of the female Captain Marvel to be kind of stupid. Very stereotypical. Sadly that is the only thing I remember about this book. A completely dull issue for a comic book about a giant space war where Galactus has been capture by the enemy. Your mileage may vary. RATING: MEH

Ms. Marvel #7 – Poor Julie Carpenter. I guess now that Jessica Drew is back they don’t need you around an more, eh? Sadly. Reed is really trying to make me like Arana and it’s not just not working. At all. Plus, Iron Man comes off looking like a stupid jerk, again. *sigh* RATING: BAD

Star Wars: Legacy #3 – Bad Adam Hughes cover, better interiors by Jan Duuresma. I STILL don’t see the point of doing this book BEFORE the “Legacy of the Force” novel series is over. I think I’d be enjoying it more if those books were out. Anyway this issue is better than the last because it contains 100% more Luke Skywalker force ghost. Mostly this issue just made me want to read the new Star Wars novel. Was that Lucas Books’ point? Hm. RATING: MEH

Green Arrow #66 – Or how Ollie became a badass. Oh Judd, you really keep missing the point don’t you? The count down to just ignore this book begins! RATING: SHIT

Green Lantern #13 – What does the cover of this book have to do with what’s inside it? Very little. I believe my utter lack of caring about the Green Lanterns who were killed by Hal Jordan “back in the day” really hampered my enjoyment of this story. RATING: MEHThat is all. I think.


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