Pope Gets Served!

The New Pope (I know, it’s been like 2 years, but he’s still New Pope to me) said some pretty stupid things to a group of Germans the other day.

Here’s the excerpt I want to talk about. The full article can be found here.

“Benedict gently rebuked the German church for putting social service projects and technical assistance to the poor ahead of spreading the Christian message. African bishops, he said, told him all doors were open to them in Germany when they wanted to talk about aid projects, but added they were greeted with reservations when it came to evangelization.

“Clearly, some people have the idea that social projects should be urgently undertaken, while anything dealing with God or even the Catholic faith is of limited and lesser importance,” Benedict said.

He said that faith must come first, before progress can be made in social problems, such as the AIDS epidemic in Africa. “Hearts must be converted if progress is to be made on social issues and reconciliation is to begin, and if — for example, AIDS is to be combated by realistically facing its deeper causes.”

That message is consistent with church teaching that chastity and faithfulness to one’s spouse — and not condoms — are the best way to prevent the disease.”

Now, I consider myself Catholic, but I’m also not an idiot. I have a big problem with these statements.

“Gently” or no, what right does he have to advise people against social work? It’s the foundation of the whole damn religion! Do you think anyone would’ve cared what Jesus said if he didn’t provide people with their basic needs first? Remember the whole story about the multiplication of the fish and loaves? Jesus didn’t stop preaching, check his watch, and say, “Okay, you’re all on your own for lunch.”

You won’t have any trouble finding people to spread the message to, all you need to worry about is practicing what you preach. What’s more effective, going around telling people to be Christian, or acting like one?

It seems to me that the Pope is stressing getting people on to our side over actually helping them.

The condom thing drives me nuts. It’s one of the most stubbornly stupid beliefs I’ve ever heard. The Church still insists that condoms encourage promiscuity.I assure you, Vatican, people had sex with multiple partners long before the invention of birth control.It’s like telling a group of soldiers you aren’t going to give them bullet-proof vests because people shouldn’t be shooting at each other to begin with. It’s like telling a little kid he can’t wear a helmet on his bike, because he shouldn’t fall off it anyways. It’s like not giving a car anti-lock brakes because drivers shouldn’t be speeding.

Multiple partners aside, what about within a marriage? What if a married couple can’t afford another child? Is birth control wrong then? Pope, are you really asking a married couple to abstain? Do you understand nothing about marriage?Of course, this leads me to my problem with having a Church entirely run by abstinent men teach its congregation about sex, (which quite frankly, makes about as much sense as having the manager of an Arby’s tell you how to perform heart surgery) but that’s another rant for another time.


3 Comments on “Pope Gets Served!”

  1. Can’t you see as the Holy See sees?

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