This world is too quick to forget the good some men do (Comics Reviews: 9/8)

Sorry for the delay with the reviews for this week. Books weren’t released until Thursday and I just got a chance to read them today.

Tiny, tiny week for stuff for me to review so… let’s get to it!


52 #18 – This issue burnt up most of the good will built up last week. This issue contains two big pet peeves of mine: 1.) So suddenly Ralph is half way sane after drooling about Sue under a bridge a few weeks ago? Oh it’s because of the intervention of some “mysterious” benefactor. Come on, guys! Show, don’t tell! 2.) Rucka, if you’re going to use an great, unique second string character like the Question at least highlight what makes him unique. Having him stand around spouting ‘superhero mentor cliche #42’ is not going to cut it. You’ve got plenty of great modern Question stories to draw on (see the “essential storylines” in the back of this issue! You even wrote one of them!) so really, it shouldn’t be that hard! RATING: BAD

Beyond! #3 – Okay, I think it’s time McDuffie stops showing us how cool his creation Deathlok is. I get it, even a “lame” character Deathlok can be cool if written well. Anyway, I’m enjoying this book. It’s action packed, b-list character driven fun. Nothing amazing but a solid mini-series by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins. For the life of me though, I can’t remember who the character on the last page reveal is. RATING: GOOD

Detective Comics #823 – Paul Dini continues to stick close to his mission statement of “done in one mysteries”, though there’s isn’t a real mystery this issue. Instead Dini introduces a new Batman villain… who is… kind of lame. I don’t really see the point of tying a new villain so close to Ivy. This is easily the weakest issue so far. Dini’s story doesn’t do it for me and the artist doesn’t help things (though his full page spread of Ivy being attacked by Harvest was excellent). This certainly isn’t a bad comic book… but it’s not very good either. Well, there’s always next month. RATING: MEH

Local #6 – Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly keep winning me over issue after issue. Local is easily the best work I’ve read by Wood and Kelly’s art is just beyond fantastic. These slices of troubled Megan’s life continue to be entralling. Issue 7 can not come soon enough. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Spider-Man: Black & Blue & Red All Over – I don’t get the point of books like this. 20 or so pages of new story with a few reprints in the back. Nothing really exciting in this book. The new story is okay (with an artist is trying way to hard to be Steve McNiven) and the reprints are great. But if you want really great Spidey reprints you can just check out Essential Amazing Spider-Man. So really this book has no point except to fill in for the Civil War delayed Spidey books. RATING: MEH

Uncanny X-Men #478 – This book is back on form after last month’s misstep. Solid effort from Brubaker and Tan (though Tan’s art is a bit rushed… hope he can keep making deadlines!). Looking forward to where Brukbaker is taking the X-Men. RATING: REALLY GOOD


X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 – No one but Grant Morrison should write the Cuckoos. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Surprisingly, that really is all for this week.


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