We can always pretend it didn’t happen…

Long time readers (from the Dark Ages of Saturday Morning Bitchin’) will remember that I have a (nearly) undying passion for webcomics. Oh sure old favourites, like CRFH! and Stubble, have fallen over the wayside during the relentless march of years but my love for webcomics as continued unabated. For one comic towers above them all in my heart, John Allison’s Scary Go Round.

I’ve followed Allison’s work since he did Bobbins back in the day (or rather the late 90s and early 2000s) and my appreciation of his work continues to grow as his output does. When he made the jump from Bobbins to his current project, the after-fore mentioned Scary Go Round, I was a bit scared. Bobbins had been amazing piece of work with great art, characters and stories. Would Allison be able to keep the quality up with the new format and content he promised with the name change? I was hopeful, but you never know…

Thankfully, my hopes for the future of Allison’s work paid off. Over the last few years Allison’s skill as an art and storyteller has grown immensely.

There two ways that Allison will draw a strip

  • With Illustrator. These computer drawn strips have excellent, with a clean art style that is uniquely Allison’s. These make up a majority of SGR’s archive is made up of strips in this style
  • By hand. These strips are packed with detail. While I like Allison’s style with Illustrator, I greatly prefer his hand drawn panels.

With both styles Allison’s sense of design is just great.

As for characters, as of last year he instituted a change where the primary focus of the strip would be on the teenage The Boy and his friends Erin (Bobbins alum and SGR mainstay Shelley’s sister) and ‘Dark’ Esther. The older characters (many holdovers from the Bobbins era) remain but the focus is clearly on the younger cast members. This has led to some really great stories. Allison’s characterization of this trio is bar none. He gave each a unique voice and managed to capture what it’s like to be an awkward teenager with a great sense fun and whimsy.

Below is just a perfect example of Allison’s great sense of dialouge and characterization.

I do believe The Boy’s nightmare fear of his first sexual appearance can be sympathized with by anyone who was awkward/geeky/etc. in that phase of their life (or remains so to this day).

I’d recommend to anyone to check out the Scary Go Round archives if they like quality comics (of any sort).


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