Comic Reviews 8/30/06

First off we now get a ‘fair and balanced’ look at the world of comics and of course pop culture. I’m fully dialated amd effaced, and I’m squeezing out a bunch of comic reveiws.

First off…

My Level of Rating Comics based on inspiration from Homeland Security:

Green – Burn it/use it for pet droppings

Blue – Lame/john ascroft would enjoy it
Yellow – Mediocre/average/speed read

Orange – Must Read/borrow your friends copy

Red – Must Have/Own it

American Virgin – I really like this title. It has the potential to be one of DC/Vertigo’s top selling books, yet always falls short of its potential, hell it’s rarely set in America. America is the perfect backdrop with all the protestant ‘hush-hush’ about sex and sexuality this book would be a great critique on how America views sexuality. Sadly though it just doesn’t cut it. Rating: Yellow

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters – I FUCKING HATED Battle for Bludhaven. I hated it. It was dumb, ruined Captain Atom. However it reintroduced us to a more Modern Freedom Fighers. The first issue was not so good. I was only excited about the ending, when Uncle Sam returned. The Second issue, I fucking loved. It was exactly how Sam should act, how America should act! It was in my opinion a nice comentary on the current state of American politics. I realize at this point, Smith will be rolling his eyes. Rating: Orange

Teen Titans – Why the world tour? Why urgent need to see crappy past titans that were forgotten for a reason? I don’t know. I can’t get into this arc. I enjoyed the Doom Patrol one very much. Ok so the Titans are looking for Raven, with all the technology in the DCU they can’t find this gloomy goth kid? Or for that matter call fucking Zatanna? Rating: Yellow

52 – We finally get some good screen time for the Space opera, which in my opinion is one of the best parts of 52. One, I’ve been an Adam Strange fan forever as well as an Animal Man. So it works fine. Adding Lobo in the fold will prove much fun. I can’t wait to see where this is going and what will happen to Black Adam! Rating: Red

Superman/Batman – It was good. Not as confusing as Jeph Loeb…god thank you! Still deciding on where this is going. Rating: Orange

All Star Superman – Ok…Give Grant Morrison the Nobel Prize of something. One he wrote Seven Soldiers…AMAZING. Batman and now this beautiful issue. Clark is perfect in this. Only if Lex could be written so cleverly funny and yet intimidating at the same time. I am reminded of Foghorn Leghorn when I think of Luthor in this issue. Rating: Red

Fist of Justice – I bought it…I bought it. Not bad…but *ugh* I bought it. – Rating: Blue

Trials of Shazam – Winnick wrote an ok Superman/Shazam story arc a while back. I’m having high hopes for this series. I think it will work out. This issue though…just didn’t click. I do like the parts of Billy in the Rock. Porters art is wonderful. Even in Winnick’s hands, I don’t think he can ruin the Marvel Family. This is a group of characters who have essentially remained untouched for 60 years. It’s a gamble, but I’m looking forward to it. Rating: Yellow

Action Comics – Busiek has been hitting a thousand with his Superman works lately, and he got a lot of flack for this issue. I liked it. My complaint though, too many characters! There is no need for this many characters. Rating: Yellow

JLA Classified – Nice issue. Solid writing, art not really. Really good use of Batman and Aquaman, plus a plot I don’t think has ever been addressed. Looking forward to the rest. Rating: Orange

Justice – Is it over yet? Rating: Blue


5 Comments on “Comic Reviews 8/30/06”

  1. so, did you buy fist of justice because mike was in the store when you came in?

    as for uncle sam, i perfer my patriotic characters to be wielding a shield and kicking ass with sharon carter, thank you very much.

  2. psycholarry says:

    Hey now, you and I both know that shield chucking bastard is a terrorist and hates america. That’s why true american patriots like thor have to kill his friends.

  3. right again, pl! right again! how could i have forgot!

  4. psycholarry says:

    “How could I have forgotten” is the correct way to state that, as the forgetting has already occured.

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