Pointless lists make the world go round…

Well, if you look to your right you’ll see I added “Smith Michaels’ Top Five…”. Right now its my top five favourite current TV shows. That’ll change, sooner rather than later. I plan to rotate topics. Why did I do this? Because I am bored. And maybe it’ll spark discussion.


Single female lawyer’s boyfriend cast as drunken metal wearing playboy…

Well… hm. 

(Does anyone get the reference in the title?)

Getting your friends (even your girlfriend) into comics isn’t hard!

As a comic book store clerk, at the comic book store with the best subscription service in Maryland (shameless, I know), a sometimes get asked the question, “What should I get for my wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter?”

This is a loaded question, because there’s no hard and fast rule for what women, as a group, want from a comic book. The same goes for men, boys, children, rocks. Everyone is different (snowflakes?) thus you can’t just pigeonhole people because of their gender.

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We’ll smack you up! (More Comics Reviews: 9/27)

Okay. I guess I did miss some books this week. Let’s get to it.

Supergirl #10 – Wow. This issue was actually pretty good if you ignore Churchill’s art (which is just a bit to ‘stroke book’ for my tastes). Kelly manages to make ‘cliched high school plot #243′ work in a rather interesting way. His take on Supergirl is about 180 degrees from Rucka and Loeb’s. Perhaps Supergirl will grow a personality? Hm. I’d say I have hopes for this book but the Outsiders appear next issue. RATING: GOOD

Action Comics #843 – Solid issue. Pete Woods’ art is quite beatiful this outing. Nothing spectuluar on the writing side… just solid super-hero crazyness. Wonder what Johns/Donner have planned for this book? RATING: REALLY GOOD

American Virgin #7 – This book isn’t clicking with me. It’s not bad but the last few issues have left me cold. Maybe once this arc reaches some sort of resolution I’ll be able to work up more interest. RATING: MEH

Civil War: Front Line #6 – Eck. Would it surprise you if I told you both Tony Stark and Reed Richards come off looking like total pricks in this issue? No? Hm. The “tying things to real-life” back up was specially dumb this issue. Is Paul Jenkins even trying? RATING: UTTER SHIT

She-Hulk #12 – This book is just great. It’s really nice to see Rick Burchett’s art, it’s just lovely. RATING: FANTASTIC

X-Men #191 – Well, the art is much, much clearer this month. I just wish they’d gotten someone with bit of a more interesting style. This issue is mostly character building and exposition, so let’s hope we get to see Carey put his full team into action next month, eh? RATING: GOOD

That really is all for this week. I think.

Why The Trials of Shazam (#2) is a bad comic…

Last issue was one of the most horrible comic I have read this year. This issue is better, but very far from being of all sort of quality

Now here’s some BULLET POINT THOUGHTS on this issue. (Trying a new format…)

  • I’m glad that Billy traded up from being Captain Marvel to Lord of the Silted Exposition.
  • Poor Mary Marvel, she loses her powers, goes into a coma, and her brother just doesn’t seem to give a shit. A pretty big waste of a character who I’ve always enjoyed, mostly because of her appearance in ‘I Can’t Believe Its Not the Justice League’.
  • It seems that my co-worker Tom’s theory that “Winick is pretty much trying to write the whole Shazam is actually a kid angle out of the book” has proven true.
  • I wonder how that girl managed to put her shirt on while still talking to Freddie on the phone?
  • I for one am sick of female characters almost always being in some state of undress during “expositional phone call” sequences. Comics already have enough T&A for a lifetime, we don’t need excuses for more.
  • Howard Porter’s art took a turn for the worse this issue. The only thing I liked about the last issue was Porter trying out a new style. This month it just doesn’t work. Much of the art is just plain ugly. Figures and faces are completely off on some panels. A lot of characters look vaguely catish.
  • There’s more of my pet peeve this month: pointless magic “power levels”.

Tsk. At least the annoying narration is mostly gone this issue. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Maybe one day I’ll be big (Comics Reviews: 8/27)

Big, busy week. Let’s get started. Reviews will be short and sweet this week.

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Song of the Week: Add It Up

With the new blog format, I’ve decided to change the format of my old music column from the olden days of Blurred Productions. Instead of the lengthy reviews of new music, I’m going to give shorter weekly blurbs recommending songs, artists, albums, or whatever.

To kick things off, I’m going to talk about a song that’s just about perfect: “Add It Up” by the Violent Femmes.

The song kicks off with Gordon Gano’s solitary, wailing voice. It’s a tortured voice. Not tortured in the Robert-Smith-lost-romance way, nor in the Morrissey-inability-to-find-romance way. His motives are far less noble. Gano just wants sex. Surely the most memorable part of the song is the increasingly vulgar verse, going from “Why can’t I get just one kiss,” to “one screw,” to “one fuck.” The entire song is a giant unglamorous confession of sexual frustration. It’s as rough and unpolished as punk rock, yet shockingly personal.

Musically as well as lyrically, it’s a song driven by rawness. The arrangement of the song is incredibly basic. It’s just a few major chords played choppy. Even the solo is played messily. Yet there’s an amazing energy coming from this unpolished acoustic sound. Accordingly, this is a song that needs to be heard at full volume.

If you’re looking for a copy of it, the studio version is off the album of the same name. However, the live acoustic version off “Viva Wisconsin” is just as good if not better.