He’s joined the CHURCH and turned his back on violence (Comic Reviews: 8/30)

Small ship week but still plenty of books to review. Let’s get to it then, eh?


52 #17 – Now this is more like it. Well, if you ignore the stupid Luthor/Steel super-team plot. But the Animal Man/Starfire/Adam Strange scenes were pure gold. The space plot in 52 has shown to be 52’s heart and soul, giving the book a sense of fun and adventure (which are sorely missing from every other plots in the book). Hopefully future issues with be more like this… but it seems we’ll be back to Black Adam next week. It’s best to enjoy the quality while it lasts, eh? RATING: REALLY GOOD

All-Star Superman #5 – I can not heap enough praise unto this book. This issue is from cover to cover PERFECT. If Morrison must have super-criminal Lex then goddamn, he better keep writing him like this! Every bit of dialogue, every scene between Lex and Clark is beat by beat perfect. There is nothing to complain about or be snarky about. Morrison and Quitely just keep knocking out solid gold issue after issue on this book. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2 – Ugh. This is just horrible, utterly, utterly horrible. Almost unreadable. Which is a damn shame because I love both the Runawys & the Young Avengers and I liked the first issue. But, fuck, the art is nearly incomprehensible, the story stupid, and the book continues to make the “Pro-registration” side of Marvel’s uber-cross over patently evil (the warden of Reed Richard’s Negative Zone prison is evil too, I mean COME ON, MARVEL!). HUGE disappointment. I wish they’d gotten Brian K. Vaughan to write this. RATING: UTTER SHIT

She-Hulk #11 – This book continues to be very enjoyable with great humor, action, characteriation, and just a bit of pathos (!). Though I could do with out the strange man-wolf/man-god stuff. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Teen Titians #38 – I never thought I’d actually like to see Tony Daniel’s art back on this book but, hey, Carlos Ferrira’s art did it. Other than the sub-par art this issue was pretty solid. Hopefully Johns has found an enjoyable direction on this book, which as been leaving me cold since one year later. This arc is off to a good enough start, hopefully Johns won’t drop the ball. Plus, he could be a little more subtle with the whole Tim/Cassie dynamic too, Tim can claim it was a “mistake” but we all know they be making out again sooner or later. Tsk. Oh and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes to some of the new Titians (Miss Martian? Power Boy? Zatara? Ugh). RATING: GOOD

Ultimate Fantastic Four #33 – Carey is off to a good start. The new alien “menace” is interesting enough and he has a solid grasp on the characters. Not too much meat to this issue but we’ll see where it goes. Pasqual Ferry’s art sure is pretty. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Ultimate X-Men Annual #2 – Ultimate Nightcrawler is a huge prick. A solid enough X-Men outing from Robert Kirkman. Larroca’s art is better here than I’ve seen in a while. Nothing too bad to complain about but nothing too great to rave about… though classic Nightcrawler fans won’t be pleased. RATING: GOOD

X-Men #190 – Okay. This book needs a new, clearer artist. Carey’s story is solid enough but Bachalo is just horribly unclear. I had to read panel’s over and over again to see what was going on. Bachalo just muddled the whole thing to the point where I really just didn’t enjoy this issue. I liked Carey’s story but I just can’t get past the art. A big waste of potential. RATING: BAD


Justice #7 – Or Alex Ross paints the DC universe. I think I would be enjoying this book more if it was coming out on a more regular basis. As it is though, Justice just isn’t doing it for me. And hell, even for me, there’s just too much Aquaman abuse running through this book. First Brainiac dissects him then his kid gets kidnapped by his own sidekick? Christ on a stick! RATING: BAD

Mythos: Hulk #1 – A nice re-telling of the Hulk’s origin with stunning art by Paolo Rivera. I had to do a double take while reading this though since was so used to super-douche Bruce and Betty from the Ultimate universe. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Superman/Batman #29 – Better than last issue… but still this book just isn’t clicking. I love Van Sciver’s art but it’s just not suited to a book like this. RATING: BAD

Action Comics #842 – While I am greatly enjoying Busiek on Superman, his Action Comics fill-in is leaving me completely cold. Woods art just seems rushed, lack the quality that mark the early issues of the Up, Up, and Away arc. Not horrible book but just not working for me. RATING: MEH

Civil War: Cable & Deadpool #31 – Well this book is just dumb. Really, really dumb. Ack. Nicieza spends like four pages having Cable (CABLE!) talk down George W. Bush. Look, I’m all for Bush bashing but this is supposed to be a superhero comic for Christ sake! Starring Deadpool! And CABLE! I do not go here for political commentary. RATING: SHIT

X-Factor #10 – Worth it just for Multiple Man’s night of adventure. Priceless. RATING: PRETTY GOOD

That’s all, I do believe. And no, I didn’t read Lost Girls.


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