YeahbutWHAT? (Comics Reviews: 8/23)

HUGE week for comics. So let’s just get to it, eh?


52 #16 – So the only thing that happened in this week in the DC Universe was Black Adam got married to a 70s TV star? The countdown to Isis biting it begins here, people! The best part of this issue is the two page Animal Man-Space Heroes bit. It seems we’ll get more of that next week, which I look forward to a lot. RATING: MEH

Astonishing X-Men #16 – My opinion may be a bit biased since I am an unabashed Joss Whedon fanboy but I absolutely loved this comic. It’s quite clear that Whedon and Cassaday are having a lot of fun on this book. Kitty’s reaction to the identity of ‘mystery villain’ was golden and the whole Wolverine bit was worth the 2.99 alone. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Batman #656 – Morrison continues to put the fun back in Batman. The first issue of his run didn’t quite click with me but these one easily makes up for that miss-step. If the world simply MUST have a purely evil Talia I vote that Grant Morrison must write all of her appearances. Besides the over all quality of this book we also learn a key thing about Batman: he wears the cowl during sex. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Eternals #3 – Unexpectedly this is the best Civil War tie in. Isn’t it sad that Iron Man’s guest appearance here is better than anything that’s appeared in his own title for some time? Gaiman continues to keep it interesting and fun. Romita’s art is really knocking it out of the park in this book. Great stuff all around. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Justice League of America #1 – Well, it could have been worse. Much, much worse. The best part of the book is when Meltzer touches upon the Green Arrow family of characters. Meltzer’s best comic work has dealt with these characters and so it’s always nice when he goes back to them. Other than these brief shining moments… this book was pretty terrible. I found the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman “deciding upon the team” scenes trite and pretty stupid. They refer to Hawkman as a “tank” for christ’s sake! It sounded like they were assembling a party for World of Warcraft or D&D. Those whole sequences smelled too much like fanish outside writing for my tastes, thank you very much. Ed Benes art is horrid. Utterly, utterly horrid. He can not show human emotion at all. Ugh. Ugly. Oh well. At least the stupid time reference shit (“Now.” “Five minutes from now.”) that plagued Identity Crisis is gone. RATING: TERRIBLE

Ultimate Spider-Man #99 – I really don’t know what to say about this book. Bendis may have jumped off a bridge with this issue… but I enjoyed it. Hopefully some day soon this will all make sense. RATING: GOOD

New Avengers #23 – For some reason I really like Oliver Coipel’s art. I can’t put my finger on why exactly. Anyway, that can not save this book which was utter shit. A completely unsatisfying end to the double agent Spider-Woman story. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Wonder Woman #2 – Well, this issue was better. Much better. Much less airy than issue one. I’m interesting in where Heinberg is going with Wonder Woman, if anywhere. RATING: GOOD


The Ultimates Annual #2 – I was actually going to read this book but the first two pages bored the hell out of me so i thought, “FUCK IT.” This one bland, useless story. Plus it half spoils the ending of Ulimates vol 2. RATING: MEH

Supergirl #9 – Now with 100% less cousin kissing action! It seems that Joe Kelly is trying to actually give a character to the latest version of Supergirl. Will it work, perhaps, but probably not. With Ian Churchill on art ths book will never truly be much more than a glorified Top Cow stroke book with an “S”. RATING: BAD

Jack of Fables #2 – I’m really not sure what to think of this book. Maybe after next issue I’ll have a more concrete opinion. RATING: MEH

Heroes for Hire #1 – Does this book need to exist? Does it have a really purpose? Nope. RATING: BAD

Flash #3 – Art is a hell of a lot clear this issue, but it’s shit. The quote on the cover “Outrun by the Griffin” pretty much sums it up. It’s like watching the old Flash tv show, but just a bit worse because they really fucked poor Bart’s character. Was Wally West that boring Dan Didio? RATING: SHIT

Birds of Prey #97 – I enjoy this book and Black Alice is an interesting enough character. Not looking forward to Batwoman next month though. RATING: GOOD

Batman and the Mad Monk #1 – Wagner is tying this mini-series much more to Batman: Year One than the last one. Beautiful art and solid writing. What’s not to like? RATING: GOOD


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