You work for us now (Comic Reviews: 8/16)

And so week two begins. It was actually a slower week for comics this time out but I’m actually reviewing more books this week. Odd, that.

There was a lot of contraversy over late shipping books this week. Civil War delayed a month, Justice League pushed back a week… my thoughts are mixed on the subject (though generally I don’t like books shipping late… though I like consistent creative teams on books…) so I’ll refrain from commenting on that.

Unto the reviews!


Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 – If this is a sample as to what Mike Carey is going to do on the monthly Ult. FF title when he takes over next month then color me impressed. Monster fighting, characterization, over the top villains, and more monster fighting. Excellent art by Immoen and Irving really brings this solid FF story to life. This really seemed like Ultimate Kirby to me. RATING (for the quality & the irony): FUCKING FANTASTIC

Runaways #19 – Brian K. Vaughan continues to wow me month in and month out on this title. It’s easily his best, most fun title. I’m extremely interested to see where he’s going with these characters. And I’m very glad that Marvel is supporting this title to the hilt. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate Fantastic Four #32 – Millar finishes his run on this title in a way that entertained me a good bit. I believe this excellent conclusion may have even redeemed this story arc after last month’s piece of shit of an issue. Reed acts a bit more in character than he has for much of Millar’s run, and it’s always nice for Millar to write in-character characters (does that make sense?). And Greg Land’s art doesn’t completely seem like photo-shopped porn stars. Still, I’m relieved Mike Carey is coming on next month and bring with him a new art team. RATING: GOOD

Phonogram #1 – Well, this certainly was an interesting book. It seems the main character here is a sort of Indie version of John Constantine… which I like a lot. Sure I didn’t get most of the music references in this book or understand all of it but I still enjoyed the hell out of this opener. Certainly enough to see where they’re going with it. RATING: REALLY GOOD

Manhunter #25 – I love the hell out of this book. Excellent, excellent, excellent final issue of this volume of the series. Great set up for future stories. Kate Hunter is the best new DC superhero since Jack Knight. I hope DC promotes the hell out of Manhunter when she relaunches in December. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Hellblazer #223 – I’m not really sure where this story fits in the scheme of things but, what the hell it was a solid enough Hellblazer story. Mina’s run, while not as great as Carey’s, continues to entertain. RATING: GOOD

52 #15 – Oh Booster, you poor second string son of a bitch. Does Didio really hate you that much? This issue certainly didn’t telegraph it’s surprise ending now, did it? Ack. I’m really sick of when they let Rucka write the narration. Very sick. Meh, as with always with this book, there’s always next week RATING: BAD


Catwoman #58 – Brad Meltzer loves characters so much he shits all over them. So, Selina’s kid is Slam Bradley’s kid’s kid? Whatever… RATING: MEH

Civil War: X-Men #2 – So Scott is being mind-controlled… again? LAME. And why does anyone even think about trusting the government in the Marvel Universe? RATING: SHIT

Claws #1 – A (shirtless) Wolverine & the Black Cat (in a stupid costume) mini-series drawn by Joe Linser! A must read! …Ha. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Green Lantern Corps #3 – This book isn’t a bad book, it just can’t seem to interest me. I keep trying to no success. Still it could be Green Lantern: Rebirth. RATING: MEH

Iron Man #11 – I believe that every 5 to 10 years Marvel editorial must take a shit on this character. A very large shit. But my thoughts on Iron Man really deserve their own post. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Nigthwing #123 – I’m not even sure why I still even speed read this book. I have yet to read a Bruce Jones comic that I have enjoyed, at all. Is Bruce Jones the new Howard Mackie? Only time will tell. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Robin #153 – Despite butchering Cassandra Cain as a character this Robin run has been pretty solid. (Minus Cassie) This was the weakest issue so far though. RATING: MEH

Shadowpact #4 – I really want to like this book. A lot. The Phantom Stranger is in it! Come on! It should be good. Ack. If you like old schoolish Blue Devil you may like this. RATING: BAD

…and that’s everything. I think.


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