Good morning, how are you?

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, porn bots, and random travelers to the newest generation of Blurred Productions! This is version 8.0, if memory serves. We’ve been gone for a year (a story that will one day be told in it’s all it’s Technicolor, letterboxed glory) and a lot has changed, promises broken, and all that good stuff. Beginning today we march proudly in a new era of Blurred Productions.

The mission of Blurred Productions 8.0 includes:

  1. Providing a place for me (Smith Michaels) to post my much valued opinion, crappy short fiction, or whatever else I deem important on the Internet. This is a vital community service
  2. Providing a place for my friends to post their (not quite as valued as mine) opinion, (much better than my) short fiction, or whatever else they want.
  3. Providing a vehicle for my friends to keep in touch with each other as we more, more travel on increasingly divergent paths on this journey called life
  4. To serve any other purpose that might occur to me.

As most (some? all? none?) of you know Blurred Productions began it’s tortured history roughly four years ago a place for me to vent adolescent angst, unleash my hatred of high school, and post my utterly terrible, hackeyed fiction. As I left high school and moved unto the exciting world of college Blurred Productions increasingly fell by the way side, replaced by new vices (booze and sleep). Around October last year we had large falling out with our web-host which caused the old Blurred Productions to fold in upon itself and collapse. My new vices (booze, sleep, and most horrible of all: class) and my own inherent laziness prevented me from restoring it from that sorry state.

But that is the status quo no longer! We’re back in this new, 1000 times shinier format. Some of you (with longer memories than my own) may notice that this format is known as the ‘weblog’ (or blog if you will). May have at one time or another, said mean, even awful, things about this format. But that’s all in the past, I have evolved as human being. This new format allows more frequent and easier posting which is not limited by my crappy web-design skills.

I hope (sooner rather than later) to have much of the good old staff posting here and things back to some sort of regular content schudule. Perhaps I may even save some of the better stuff from the old Blurred Productions (read: things written by Tito, PL, and maybe after serious editing Geeks).

I think that covers just about everything. Hope you all will come back.

Also: I know I spelled Smith Michaels wrong in my user name. Thanks, asshole.

4 Comments on “Good morning, how are you?”

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