Bad career move…?

So, I’ve been home for the last few days which has given me the opportunity to view ungodly amounts of HBO/Encore/Showtime. I had forgotten that pay channel programs can generally be broken down into three programming types: high quality HBO original programming, terrible action movies, and even more terrible sex driven thrillers (or as I like to call them in my head: pseudo-sexual thrillers).

This insight has led me to another, even more key one: that Richard Gere hasn’t made a movie since an Officer & a Gentleman or maybe Pretty Woman that isn’t a sex driven thriller of one set or another. That means, of course, that if you view any film with Gere’s name on it you can be sure to have your sexual mores challenge with 2.5 sex scenes thrown in to boot.

We should bless our lucky stars that Gere has so far avoided making a pseudo-sexual thriller with Sharon Stone and/or Bill Baldwin. I do not think that the human mind is designed to survive that much sleazy, almost-but-not-quite-pornographic sexuality in one film.


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