Blurred Productions was a group blog, website, and depository for terrible fiction from 2002 to 2011. It was hosted by WordPress from 2006 to 2011. A group for friends from high school and college contributed to Blurred Productions, for a various lengths of time.

Blurred Productions, for a while, carved out a tiny corner of the comic book, geeky blogosphere but then people stopped posting. The blog was retired in September 2011 – things end, people move on.

The editors of this blog, largely, stand-by the things written here – as embarrassing as much of the content here is. For the sake of history, the archives of this blog will remain up and unedited for as long as WordPress survives. The material contained here covers the late-college years and early-twenties of the contributors of Blurred Productions.  The older archives can found somewhere in the detritus of the internets.

Go here for the retirement announcement.

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Some of the contributors to Blurred Productions still blog/have an internet presence:

Thank you and goodnight.